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Cavagna Group

Since 1949, the Cavagna Group has supplied the worldwide gas control industry with products of superior quality and value. Our new comprehensive website features a complete line of Cavagna Group products and accessories.

The Cavagna Group began operation in 1949 in Northern Italy and continues to grow today. Founded as a family-run business, the Cavagna Group is today a key industrial partner for gas companies, utility companies and OEMs, supplying them with technology for the regulation, control and metering of gases (gas for energy; industrial, medical and specialty gases; alternative fuels). For over seventy years the Group has supplied safe products of superior quality and value.

Technological advancement and sophisticated working procedures have allowed us to rapidly create new products and solutions for the gas control industry.

The Cavagna Group produces a wide range of products meeting international standards including:

  • Propane Valves, Propane Equipment and Propane Regulators;
  • Engineering and Services dedicated to the LPG industry;
  • Natural Gas regulators for domestic, commercial and industrial use;
  • ASME, Fork Lift, and Motor Fuel Tank Valves;
  • Gas meters
  • Compressed Gases Cylinder Valves;
  • Specialty Gases Cylinder Valves;
  • Refrigeration Cylinder Valves;
  • Distribution and Regulation Equipment for Industrial Gases;
  • Distribution and Regulation Equipment for Medical Gases;
  • Comprehensive Range of Welding, Cutting Equipment;
  • CNG – AUTOGAS systems;
  • CNG – H2 – AUTOGAS cylinder valves and filling valves.

The Group’s design engineers and laboratory technicians closely cooperate with worldwide regulatory institutions, both in the writing of international performance standards and in the creation of new products.

Cavagna North America

In North America our products are recognized by AGA, ASME, CGA, IAS, and UL as conforming to ANSI, NFPA and other recognized standards. As part of the Cavagna Group, Cavagna North America also adheres to the UN Global Compact. The Cavagna Group of companies has invested heavily in personnel, individual training, and robotic technology to meet the quality standards required by our customers and the 145 countries we serve.

With the establishment of Cavagna North America in 1996 and our North American Distribution Center, we have further expanded our service network to meet the demands of the global marketplace. Our philosophy is to provide all of our customers with quality products, continuous innovation and superior service in a competitive environment.