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DSS7 Dual Second Stage Regulator

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Integrated Valve for Medical Oxygen

1 Touch and NEOS Series

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Cavagna Group, key industrial partner and enabler for the regulation, control, industrial process management and metering being safely used... read more


dss7 - propane regulator - dual second stage regulator

The Safest Regulator in the Industry at NPGA 2021

DSS7: Open for Business, Closed for Safety. At Cavagna Group, we pride ourselves on our development and progression and the... read more

viproxy neos - valve - medical valves - oxygen therapy - cavagna group - viproxy

Viproxy NEOS – Valve with integrated pressure regulator for oxygen

The Viproxy NEOS is an integrated pressure regulator valve with a digital gauge. It shows a clear and large display... read more

Residual Pressure Valve for CO2 cylinder

Residual pressure valve (RPV)  is designed by Cavagna Group for the commonly used portable CO2 beverage cylinders. These residual pressure... read more