The Safest Regulator in the Industry at NPGA 2021

dss7 - propane regulator - dual second stage regulator

The Safest Regulator in the Industry at NPGA 2021

DSS7: Open for Business, Closed for Safety.

At Cavagna Group, we pride ourselves on our development and progression and the DSS7 demonstrates exactly that: true innovation. While this year has been full of challenges, new products and developments have been happening behind the scenes to ensure that the continuous improvement of Cavagna Group is never compromised.
The new DSS7, Dual Second Stage Regulator, will showcase next week, 18th-20th October, at the NPGA in Atlanta at the Cavagna North America booth, number 605.  
It is available for the US and Canada and it is used for domestic and small commercial applications.

Let’s see how it works!

DSS7 regulator – Key features

This device will slam shut, shutting off the gas supply when the pressure falls below (UPSO) or above (OPSO) the set point (refer to catalog to specific set points). This safety is activated when the outlet pressure decreases / increases due to:

• Low regulator outlet pressure (out of gas situations)
• Blockage in the regulator valve seat (overpressure)

The device will shut down preventing gas to flow either downstream or through the vent when activated. It can only be manually reset by a qualified technician after the condition causing the device to activate is resolved. It will not allow large volumes of gas to be released as traditional relief valves do primarily avoiding a release until the source container can be shut off.

The Safest Regulator in the Industry

The revolutionary DSS7 regulator offers a new level of safety to the industry by shutting off flow to the building if it detects an unsafe over pressure condition or if the container runs out of propane. It has a capacity of up to 2.5 million BTU / hour.

Contact us at [email protected] to get more details.

See you at our booth at the NPGA!

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