Mesura S26

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The S26 slam shut valves are designed for straightforward implementation.
These devices can be used on a wide variety of, applications, from commercial meters to distribution stations.
Available in a variety of sizes and pressure classes, the S26 is available as a standalone device, or it can be used integrally with the Mesura S22, S23, and S24.

Activation Pressure:

  • Base Pressure (BP): 12” w.c. to 3 psig (30-210 mbar)
  • Medium Pressure (MP): 2.17 to 8.7 psig (15 to 600 mbar)
  • Apex Pressure (AP): 7.25 to 87 psig (0.5 to 6 barg)

Working Temperature Range:

  • -22oF to 140oF (-30oC to 60oC)

Inlet/Outlet Connections

  • 1” NPT
  • 1 x 1.5” NPT
  • NPS 1.5 RF
  • NPS 2 RF