Mesura S22

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The S22 regulator is a direct acting, balanced inlet regulator designed for commercial and industrial applications.
The S22 is available with an integrated slam-shut valve.
The SSV is available with over pressure shut off (OPSO) and under pressure shut off (UPSO).
The balanced inlet allows for higher flow rates for all inlet pressures and minimizes any outlet pressure fluctuations from inlet pressure variations, while still offering the reliability of a self-operated regulator.
The top entry design means the actuator can easily be removed for quick inspection and maintenance by a single operator.
Available in low pressure and high pressure versions, the S22 will be your solution from a commercial meter set to the town border station.


  • EN334

Inlet Pressure:

  • Base Pressure(BP), Medium Pressure (MP) & Apex Pressure (AP): 87 psig (6 barg)
  • Apex Piston Assembly (APA): 290 psig (20 barg)

Outlet Pressure Ranges:

  • BP: 4” w.c. to 1.85 psig (10 to 130 mbar)
  • MP: 1.7 to 7.25 psig (120 to 500 mbar)
  • AP/APA: 7.25 to 58 psig (0.45 to 4 barg)

Regulating Accuracy Classes:

  • AC5 (+/- 5%)
  • AC10 (+/-10%)

Working Temperature Range

  • -4oF to 140oF (-20oC to 60oC)

Inlet/Outlet Connections:

  • NPS 1.5
  • NPS 2

Available Configurations:

  • M: Monitor construction
  • B: With built-in slam shut valve (SSV)
  • MB: Monitor construction with SSV